Card Watchdog

100% Free and inspired by NoobTraveler - You can now manage all of your credit card details in one simple and elegant interface. Quickly reference each card's spending perks and start receiving reminders to help manage card fees, interest increases, minimum spend requirements, and application dates. SSL encrypted.

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Stay updated on fees

Who wants to pay those? Right. CWD will remind you when that fee is due, so you can make the call. No more worries about missing the deadline.

Organization made easy

See and compare all your credit card information in one pretty place. By easily viewing each card's issuer and inquiry bureau(s), CWD makes deciding on future applications a breeze. Not only that, but you'll know when it's the right time.

Set up friendly reminders

No more lodging that date in the back of your busy brain. With CWD, you can easily set up email or SMS reminders that give you peace of mind. Whether it's for fees, meeting spend requirements, or scheduling your next application, CWD has you covered. Have a custom reminder? There's now a solution for that.

  • " CardWatchDog helped remind me of an upcoming spend I need to hit. Super easy to use and helpful. " - T. Collison

  • " Love this tool... it was easy to set up and support helped with any questions I had. " - Sarah R.

  • " I love that this is free, it serves my needs perfectly. " - Alex S.

  • " You simplified my life. No more spreadsheets to track my cc's. I'm going to sign-up for the premium service now. " - Trevor W.